Infant Care Centre: The Preferred Choice of Parents

childcare centre

Not all young mothers are blessed to have their parents nearby to help the care for their baby. Often, those going back to work after a maternity leave are faced with the dilemma of whether to put her baby in an infant care centre or leave the baby with a babysitter, a nanny or in Singapore context, a foreign domestic helper. 

Infant care centres have gained popularity in recent years since the government started providing infant care subsidies for working mothers in an effort to encourage more births.  Apart from these claimable subsidies, the infant care centre has become the preferred choice of parents today because of these factors:

  • Setup and operation:  An infant care centre must meet licensing requirements and regulations. It must have a supervisor on-site and it must meet the required certified-staff-to-child ratio.  The centre must be purposefully designed to meet safety standards and support the children’s developmental and learning needs. The meals are planned and curated to provide a balanced nutrition.  Many centres follow the guidelines of, and work in collaboration with, the Health Promotion Board to achieve this.  
  • Intentional programme:  This includes not only the care-giving routines, it also covers the different areas of development (communication, language, cognitive, including early numeracy and problem solving), as well as experiences (aesthetic, indoor and outdoor). Educarers at the center are trained to interact and engage with your child, be it during routine care time or activity time.  More importantly, in a group care setting, your child gets to socialize with other children of his/her age. They are exposed to various age-appropriate activities. They learn about sharing and caring as well as respecting others.

If you are looking for an infant care centre that has carefully addressed all these factors above, then Camelot international infant care Singapore is the perfect choice for your child. Parents can have the peace of mind that their children are in a fun-filled learning environment with warm, caring professional staff. 


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