Exploring Music With Your Baby

music with babies

Music has  the power to affect our socio-emotional and psychological well-being. It allows one to express or arouse emotions. Music and music experiences also support the formation of important brain connections that are being established over the first three years of life (Carlton 2000).

Singing a lullaby while rocking a baby stimulates early language development, promotes attachment, and supports an infant’s growing spatial awareness as the child experiences her body moving in space.

5 ways how music develops your child’s skills and promotes his development:

  1. Singing about feelings helps babies and toddlers learn the words to describe their emotional experiences (“If you’re happy and you know it…”)
  2. Build cooperation and relationships
  3. Babies and young toddlers develop self esteem and a feeling of competence when they can make an impact on their world.
  4. Music encourages turn taking. Picture babies passing instruments back and forth to a teacher or toddlers taking turns with the classroom’s toy drums
  5. Playing songs and using musical styles from children’s home cultures create continuity between home and the caregiving setting

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