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Janice Tai
Camelot was one of the best choice we've made for our child in the last 3 months at Camelot IFC! It was an interim plan but we were glad to have found a team of teachers who are dedicated, experienced & loving! This gives comfort as a working mum! The dynamics are multi-cultural yet some basics are constant such as cheerful, cleanliness and bright environment! My experience with them are no less than nurturing team of teachers (even Cooking-Aunty) helps caring for the babies! My child started to going to school crying, upon 3rd day, she's smiling at school door step, allowing teacher to carry her! That says alot! She must have found trust in the carer & environment. Im no way saying all kids will have same experience! But I think they have a handle of things! The kiddos I see at Camelot are given enough attention, they are calmed and I think that speaks alot. Good exposure and cultivated curiousity! If I havent had plans for her to go to the same school as her sibling, i would progress at Camelot without 2nd doubt! Thanks Huihui and team! Very glad to have partner with you!
Ganglin Wu
We sent our son, Felix, to Camelot(Serangoon) since he was 4 months old. When he was 18 months old we moved to Camelot(Carmichael). Felix always looks forward to school in the morning and has his favourite teachers and friends. Special shout-out to Teacher Karthi and Joey who were especially endearing to Felix. If I had to guess.. the secret to having lots of good teachers is the environment at Camelot? The staff(even the cleaning aunty) is smiley and helpful, a testament to the positive working environment. I believe the principal and owner worked hard behind the scenes to make that happen. Good job and a big thumbs up to each and everyone at Camelot! Thank you so much! Felix misses everyone!
Liza Rena Said
Our son was in Camelot(Serangoon) for 11 months before we transferred him to Camelot(Carmichael Road) and we are very happy that we moved him here as the preschool has all the age-appropriate toys and learning centres that helps to develop his life skills. The teachers are caring and continuously encourage positive behaviour management when required. The lesson plans are well thought out with activities, stories and songs related to the theme. We also receive regular updates about our sons' developmental growth and that shows how much the teachers really invest their time in the well being of our son.
Serene Chua
Blessed and grateful to be able to chance upon this school when I was urgently hunting for an infant care before I head back to work after maternity leave. Right from the start till today, we felt that our boy is in safe hands of the lovely teachers and everyone in school. Teachers are extremely friendly, caring and professional and often go beyond what is expected, which makes us feel really assured as busy working parents. We could also tell that our boy (now 7+months) absolutely enjoys going to the centre as well, as he is always smiling widely every single day during drop off, and during pickup, he sometimes still want to stay in school! Big THANK YOU Camelot Infant Preschool and all the teachers for loving the children and hard work that you do! We truly appreciate you!!
Tong Huat Koh
As a follow-up, my grandson and I visited Camelot’s new centre at 45A Carmichael Road to have a first-hand experience. I have heard from their Serangoon branch’s parents on how the owner put her heart and soul into running childcare centres under her care I am impressed by what I saw – patient and devoted teachers who actively interacted with my shy grandson, cajoling and playing with him until he was ready to participate in group activities with the other children. Together with her team of dedicated teachers and childcare assistants, we are assured our precious tots will be in their excellent hands – an important start to their lifelong learning journey.
Ping Tham
Fantastic and personalised experience. It was clear to me, after interacting with the teachers, assistants and management, that they truly meant the very best for the kids. They didnt make me feel like this is just another run of the mill franchise, whose main purpose is to just get it over and done with. Much care and love were embedded into their programs.
Constance Poh
Unique curriculum, dedicated teachers, learning in a positive, safe, clean environment.
Sudipta Saha
My son had been in Camelot Infant care. The staffs are patient and kind. They nurture the child very carefully like their own baby. They take the effort to pick up on children’s preferences. My son used to like the care Center more than home. The care Center owner is so friendly and caring towards the children. We will miss you all!
Zulaikha Md Nasir
We send our 1year old boy and he adapted well. Teachers made him feel home and giving him much attention as he started to recognise faces. Within a week, he is happy to go to school! Thank you for all the hardwork and love towards Tyrel. And all the art pieces he did! We appreciate it so much! Cheers!
Latifa El Kadi
I cannot recommend this nursery enough! The staff are incredibly kind, caring, and attentive to the needs of each child. My little one is always happy to go to nursery, and I feel so at ease knowing that they are in such good hands. The facilities are clean, bright, and full of age-appropriate toys and activities that keep the kids engaged and happy. I appreciate how the nursery encourages learning through play and exploration. The communication with parents is also excellent, with regular updates and opportunities to discuss our child's progress. Thank you to the team for creating such a wonderful environment for our children to grow and thrive in!
I am very happy to have this lovely infant care center with so many nice teachers providing good care to all the babies. Ms. Moon is really a nice person who's the principal of Camelot Serangoon, help out with us a lot of things and both of me and my wife are really appreciated! Wish all the teachers and staff in the infant care center are good health and stay safe. You guys are not only the superhero of the children's but also ours. Cheers!
Javed Akhtar
We enrolled our daughter at the camelot infant care center when she was about 5 months old. Initially we were so scared about sending a small baby to infant care as we heard about babies falling sick so often. We started sending our daughter with so much fear in our heart but soon we realised that sending her to Camelot infant care was the best decision of our life. Initial few days are usually difficult for any baby/toddler to settle in a new environment than home but that’s how they are building stronger immunities against the viral and bacterial infections. Our daughter settled within a few days and no looking back from there. The principal the staff over there are very well experienced and specialised in infant care training. They identify the needs of the baby and address them accordingly. They help so much with the baby’s early development and have amazing activities that not only keeps the baby engaged but also help with baby’s motor skills, sensory skills, development. Thanks to the Camelot staff there, our daughter is more social and more active and most importantly, a very happy baby ❤️
Kavya Sahini
We enrolled our daughter in Camelot infant care center when she was 5 months old. We are happy that we found a great infant care center for her. As first time parents(both of us working full time), we were very anxious about leaving her elsewhere for full day which is not home. But the attention and care shown by the teachers and the principal in Camelot center has been exceptional. My daughter likes going to the daycare everyday and gets excited to see all her teachers and principal there. The staff is very dedicated, they not only keep my baby entertained by planning various activities for her but also help massage my baby whenever she is uncomfortable. They celebrate all the festivals and dress up the children accordingly which shows the importance given to diverse cultures and is a great learning for the children too. We are very thankful to all the staff for taking good care of our little one.
Verine Ling
I started my little one at Camelot Infant when she was 8 months and am pleased with the dedication and professionalism of the teachers so far. They are passionate about their role and are committed to taking care of the children's well-being. The teachers will provide periodic updates of my child's development and are able to answer provide suggestions whenever my child may be going through a transitional phase. My little one seems be enjoying her time at school and looks forward to going to school each day. 🙂 Huge thanks to the teachers at Camelot!
Akiko Kamata
Me and my husband is very happy to be able to send our daighter to Camelot Infant Care where she can get a good care from all teachers. She enjoyed spending time there exploring new things and we look forward to seeing photos of doing activites that she has never experienced at home. Thank you so much for looking after our daughter and we are very happy that we could find a place where we can trust to send our daughter.
Mrs Chan
Our child was with Camelot since he was 3 months old. He 'graduated' from the Centre at 3 years old. During the almost 3 years at Camelot, he has developed so much under the dedicated care of the caregivers and teachers at the Centre. He simply loves going to the Centre and enjoys his time there. He is well looked after in all aspects, ie physically, mentally and emotionally. The Centre puts in much consideration and effort to make the place safe and conducive for the children. For special occasions, such as festive events, Children's Day, we can see that there is a lot of thought put behind in planning the fun and creative activities for the children, ensuring that all of them, regardless of their age, are engaged and learning! The management, teachers and caregivers are sincere, patient and caring. We are so thankful that we could place our child in the care of Camelot, where we know he is well taken-care of. We love the Centre so much that we are registering our newborn as well, because we can be assured of the excellent level of care that he will experience.
Leroy Koh
Camelot has a nice cosy environment with very warm teachers who really care for the children. Ridiculously good teacher to child ratio, so you can rest assured that your precious one is well taken care of. You will get to know the teachers well, because everything is just so personalised. As a bonus point, it is also easily accessible, in the midst of Serangoon, and within walking distance from either Lor Chuan or Serangoon MRT.
Marge Thia
I am a Malaysia PR who has just settled down in Singapore. Grateful to a friend who recommended me to Camelot. The environment, teachers, holistic approach to early child development program has left a lasting impression on my husband and me. I Iook forward to my child on board 🙂
Koh Kian Yong
manage to found Camelot thru Google as I was looking for a infant care near me. place is clean cosy. Updates regarding your kids in constant too. Teachers there are friendly and attentive. keep it up. 🙂
Kate Yong
Great job! My daughter Kayla absolutely loves it! She’s made lots of friends and is learning so much.
Sonali Mehrotra
This is the first infant care I chose for my baby and its without a doubt an excellent choice. The staff is very cooperative and accommodating. As working parents, we wanted a place where we can leave our baby with a peace of mind and Camelot was a perfect choice for us. We saw a great change in our baby in terms of her development. Highly Recommended! 🙂 👍🏻👍🏻
Wei Lek Yeo
It is a daunting task for parents to find a trustworthy infant care. We find Camelot to be a reliable choice and we feel comfortable to leave our precious little one with them. Infant carers are qualified and trained in infant care. strict hygiene is one key aspect too. Great work, Camelot.
Ng Karen
Clean, cosy and safe were words that came into my mind the moment I stepped into Camelot. I had been to some infant care centres for viewing. Most are cluttered and I did not feel at ease. At Camelot, toys and materials are age-appropriate for infants and toddlers to engage and explore. A mother’s instinct tells me that this is the environment for my boy. I am looking forward for baby j to start next month 🙂
Shuyan Zhang
It is a great place! My baby loves it! The teachers are very nice and they pay attention to every child. The environment is clean and comfortable.
Liza Lam
It was a wonderful journey to see the growth and development of our child through her time with Camelot, with the dedication, warmth, love, patience and care shown by the teachers and staff there. From learning to walk more steadily, exploring eating a variety of food, picking up words here and there, and singing and dancing, our daughter enjoyed her time greatly at Camelot. The bright and spacious environment, with plenty of learning tools, allows plenty of room and opportunities for the children to explore and learn and socialize. The staff was accommodating with different reasonable requests for individual child, and paid good attention to the children’s well being. Nearer graduation, the teachers would take the effort to train and prepare with the children for tasks that may be encountered in preschool. All in all, a wonderful experience for our daughter and for us as the parents, knowing that she was in good hands. – Kyra’s Daddy and Mummy
Boo Alex
We came upon this Camelot Infant Care the other day from a relative. And decided to give this centre a visit to find out more about baby/toddler care. We were impressed by how they managed the toddlers. The carers are very friendly and take their time to communicate with the toddlers so they can try and understand what is being taught. The carers also put a lot of effort and patience into ensuring that the toddlers are able to learn, grow, and most importantly have fun. They joy and laughter from the toddlers explains how much they enjoy themselves. Taking care of toddlers are no easy task, but they did it effortlessly. Thank you Principal, for showing us around, and we will definitely bring our baby to this centre in the near future. PS: They provide baby and toddler care from 2-18 months.
Adi Mizah
Marsya Nur Sakinah Binte Muhammad Haidil was enrolled to Camelot International Infant Care Centre in August 2016 till May 2017. We had a positive experience with the centre. The teachers at Camelot have provided a warm and caring atmosphere. Special thanks to Principal Ms Siti Askiah, Teacher Natasha, Teacher Chin, Teacher Lilian, Teacher Sneha, Teacher Cindy and Aunty Wendy for being patient and took excellent care of our darling daughter, Marsya.
Ana flor Alburquerque
Camelot -East Coast- has been -lucky us- part of my family for the last 10 months. My son got so much love and support that I will always be grateful to Camelot. He learned to eat on his own, to sleep independently, to be a team player and even to speak some Chinese words. My son was looking forward to go with his Chinese teacher -our dearest and loving Wenting; she is just perfect- with a big smile and no crying -that was heaven to me and my husband-. I would receive photos, videos and feedback every day as well as immediate response when I had doubts or needed support. The Director of the School is a great woman who is always in control. The center is cozy, very clean, with outdoor space. The ratio -babies/teacher- is one of the best in town too. I wish you all the same love, luck and happiness that my son had at Camelot! Ana
Eliana T
Camelot is highly recommended as an infantcare, not too big, very personalised care, a great program, and with experienced staff who genuinely enjoy kids. Mari had a fantastic time there, she stopped crying in her carseat whenever her daddy sent her to school every morning, after we switched to Camelot. That says a lot.
Uma reade
Sending your your little one to school for the first time is never easy. As parents, we did all the research - visited many many schools, and finally chose Camelot. Here are the reasons why. The owner showed us around and her passion and investment in the school was inspiring. The teachers are creative, kind, patient, dedicated to the kids and take great effort to plan fun activities and crafts. There's messy play, water play, story telling, excursions, a little parakeet who visits, painting, slides outdoors, a sandpit and even a climbing wall. The principal is articulate, sends regular updates and communicates very well with parents. The school itself has one of the best maintained outdoor areas that we've seen (in comparison to other schools), while the indoor areas are charming, clean, age appropriate and with plenty of natural light. Our kid took a while to adapt but now he loves going to school. We wanted our little boy's first experience in school to be a good one, and it's turned out great thanks to Camelot. I would recommend the school wholeheartedly.
Lixin Chan
I knew Camelot was the right place from the moment my son and I set foot in the school. My son, who is usually wary of new environments, appeared extremely at ease during his first visit to the centre and was even reluctant to leave! Although we enrolled him in the infant care at an older-than-usual age of 14 months, he didn’t have much issues adapting - thanks to the help of his patient teachers. We also appreciate that the school curriculum teaches him practical life skills and helps to foster independence in him. In addition, the teachers are very involved in his development and you can feel their excitement when they talk about his progress at school. Now that he has attended school for almost two months, we can see that he is much more confident and outgoing (even towards strangers), and he enjoys going to school. We will definitely recommend this school to parents who are looking for a warm and nurturing environment for their child.
Timothy Khoo
My wife and I are both working adults and are quite anxious as new first time parents, as we have no domestic help at home and our own parents live quite far away. We wanted the best we could offer to our child and we really did not know how we could possibly juggle our work and care for her well. We started off with another infant preschool but did not feel comfortable there and then managed to find Camelot (Serangoon). We were very glad we enrolled our child there and then transferred her to Camelot (Carmichael) when they newly opened. Facilities and surroundings are conducive for a young child growing up but what reassures us the most is the care the teachers take in not just looking after our baby, but how they love her and love what they do. As new parents we actually are very inexperienced and do not know much at all, and basically try to look after her the best we can. But at school, she is exposed to so much enriching and explorational activities, and we are very grateful as we could not possibly have done better. What also impressed us is that the teachers are continuing their own child development education to improve themselves further. We are very glad for the teacher child ratio, as on our own we can barely keep up with our baby! The principal and manager have a very good team of teachers, and we are happy to see other happy parents drop off and pick up their children everyday. Thank you Camelot, keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!
Sheih Yiin Yew (Sheih Yiin)
CIP has a very nurturing and warm environment that is conducive to learning. It is very beautifully renovated and well-equipped with specially curated learning materials and apparatus, indoor and outdoor. Teachers are friendly and dedicated. Great place for children to learn!
Priya Tharshini
The teachers are so professional in handling the infants, i also see the development of my daughter after i send her to camelot. Thank you teachers for seeing my daughter as yours❤
Tony Lou
Best infant care centre in neighbourhood. Teachers are so friendly. Highly recommended
Padmaja Anand
My son started at Camelot when he was 9 months old, and we are happy we chose Camelot Infant Care. The teachers are nurturing and pay attention to individual children's cues for sleep, food, and play time. They make an effort to engage the child in multiple activities for their development. Teachers update us regularly about his motor skills and feeds during the day. Thank you all at Camelot for your dedication and efforts to make it enjoyable for my son.
Soo Hui Liow
I had switched my child to Camelot Infant Care from another ifc upon a friend’s recommendation and it was the best decision ever. As a first time parent, I was filled with anxiety when I had to send my young helpless baby to ifc for an entire day while I was at work. The previous ifc did not give me the assurance I needed but with Camelot, I felt at ease because I could tell my child was in good hands. He loves his teachers dearly and it was evident that his teachers dote on him too. He loves going to school and usually walks in to find his friends and teachers after a quick flying kiss (if he feels like it haha) and that’s it, rarely even look back for us! The ifc is a small setup but extremely homely, with a lovely teacher to baby ratio and most importantly, the teachers truly care for the babies. Communication with the teachers is always prompt and open. Principal updates us frequently too. We truly feel at ease leaving our baby at Camelot ifc.
Harsha Narayan
We had enrolled our son at Camelot when he was 4 months old and were anxious about our decision. However, now looking back we really did not need to be. The caregivers are so warm and loving - they genuinely care about the babies! They are reassuring and give us a lot of comfort in the way that they take care of our son. The place exudes warmth and happiness and we get positive vibes every time we are there. My favourite moment each day is to go pick my son up after a long day at work and have a laugh with the friendly teachers as they interact with him. Would highly recommend to all parents!
Liza Rena Said
Our son joined Camelot when he was 3 months old and was there for 11 months before we moved him to Camelot Preschool. We were glad that we found a great infant care for him to start off as being first time parents, we were anxious to send him in the care of strangers. But we have never regretted as the teachers in Camelot has been nurturing to our son. He was always ready to go to school every morning when greeted by his teacher. The teachers also keep him engaged with activities and helped to develop his early life skills.
Kavitha K
Highly recommended preschool for your precious little ones. The thought of leaving your child for the first causes anxiety for all.parents but I didn't feel it. I was happy while I knew my Little one was cared for. The warmth greetings from the Director to the teachers is super awesome. The updates they give daily, weekly and monthly is satisfying. I for sure appreciate the extra mile they go to tend to my Little ones needs. . There was a period of time where I was desperately searching for a preschool to enroll my 6 month old infant. Without hesitation the owner of this establishment said yes immediately. She wasn't concerned if the fees would be paid on time or anything. She saw a desperate mum looking for someone to care for her little one while at work.
Jade Ee
Started my little one nearly 3 years ago with Camelot, when he was less than 4 months old. He had learnt and grown so much over the years under the great care of the Camelot team. He is now moving to another school for his nursery education and it is really difficult to part with Camelot, which is always so full of fun and yet educational. Thanks so much for the 3 years of care and love! I will never hesitate to recommend this school to people I know.
Senthil Kumar
My son stared at camelot when he was 2 years old and we as a parent are very happy with the environment and quality so far. Our little one got great opportunity to mingle with teachers and other kids and learned a lot.Teachers are very polite, genuine and really take care of our little one and provide regualr update about his motor skills, observation skills etc.. School environment is very clean and tidy. Our little one seems thoroughly enjoy his time at school and even during weekend he wanted to go to school. 🙂 Huge thanks and appreciation to Camelot management and teachers.
Gin Hung
My hubby and I are so thankful to Camelot, especially special thanks to the very dedicated teachers, for taking such great care of my twins, Anna and Audrey. The teachers really care for my girls and show so much tender loving care for them, that is why my gals love to attend school. I am so Very thankful to find this cozy and lovely infant care near my place, definitely highly recommended for all mummies.👍
Adelene Looneymouse
Camelot is a nice and clean environment for infants to grow, both physically and intellectually. The teachers are very attentive to the needs of my girl and will send me updates of her in school. Well recommended to anyone who wants to give their children the best care during their first year.
Jeremy LoW
A well designed pure infant care centre in the heart of serangoon ave 3! Friendly and caring teachers provided us with a tour of the school. Looks great and safe haven for your little precious!
Yee Cheau Hwang
Best environment for an extended home...... Clean, cheerful and bright.
Susie Teo
Initially, I was somewhat apprehensive with the idea of placing my grandchild at an Infant Care Centre. It has been 8 months since then, yup, there is no looking back. The Camelot is helmed by a heart-warming lawyer turned entrepreneur who wasted no time in further enhancing the Centre with stimulating curriculum such as water fun activities to a soon to be set up miniature garden.
Kathambari Ravichandran
Samanyu’s first infant care experience and it was all build positive by Camelot. Thanks to Teacher Sneha, Teacher Cindy, Teacher Natasha, Teacher Lilian and Principal Siti. I would anytime recommend them for their utmost care and cleanliness.
Elaine Kiang
My family stays quite a distance from the Child Care Centre. Despite the time taken to commute, my husband and I have never look back on our decision to enrol our child at the Centre. We are very impressed with Camelot's teachers, and its holistic approach towards quality Infant Care. I hope they will expand and set up a branch near where we stay. Thank you for nurturing these children, future leaders of our nation!
Hei Sen
Thank you for taking such great care of our little munchkin! I am so happy I enrolled him in Camelot Infant Care.
Lisa Lau
We have been sending our kid to Camelot for the last 8 months and we have absolutely no regrets about sending him there. Unlike most chain childcares, Camelot has a heartland feel; homely and cosy, like one big happy family. We have very close interactions and personalised feedback from the teachers daily, in which we truly appreciate their tailored care for each child. Positive teacher-parent interaction is of utmost importance and we are really glad that Camelot’s teachers are sincere, responsive and actively act on our requests. Our baby will never get bored there too – there are plenty of enrichment activities planned out during festivals (e.g. baby painting CNY drawings using their footprints, Easter egg colouring) and on normal days (supervised interactive water play using inflatable bathtub, music, sensory play and storytelling sessions) and we always look forward to hearing how our darling baby’s behaviour was like in these programmes 🙂 Every now and then, we also get pleasantly surprised when the school introduces new activities, purchases new toys and upgrades equipment, from this you know the school director is really dedicated to providing quality infant care. In fact, when we have more kids, there is no question where to enrol our baby in! If you wish to look for a place in which the teachers treat every kid as one of their own, rather than just formal business transaction, then Camelot is just for you.
Grace Por
The teachers are wonderful and make all the difference. They have worked closely with us to meet our child’s individual needs. They care deeply for the children and are willing to go the extra mile to look after them. No regrets entrusting my child to their good care.
Jy Chen
My almost two-year-old daughter attended Camelot Infant Care for 15 months. It was a cosy environment, where the children and staff interacted closely with one another. My daughter was trained to be independent, and able to adapt fast to the preschool that she now attends. Due to her time in this infant care, she demonstrates behaviour that is commendable for a child her age, such as being able to hold a pencil properly and feeding herself without a mess. Thank you all at Camelot for your dedication to your work.
Pei Pei
We visited the center at Camelot and we are very pleased with the school tour. The Principal is very friendly and provides us with detailed informations on the school. We have good impression of the school and find that the environment is cosy and vibrant. The teachers are all pleasant, experienced and friendly. The babies looks comfortable and happy, thus we feel rest assured to enrol our child in this school.