We offer quality infant care services to infants aged 2 months to 17 months at both of our Camelot International Infant Care and Camelot Infant Preschool centres.

Our infant care programmes consist of the following:

Infant Development Programme – Aged 2 to 14 months

Our infant care programme offers personalized routine care (feeding, bathing, diaper changing, napping) and activities based on the individual needs of the babies.

Our trained and nurturing educarers conduct appropriate activities to help babies reach their developmental milestones. Our purposefully planned and designed environment ensures not only that your baby will be safe and comfortable, but also evokes your little one’s curiosity to allow development and learning to take place seamlessly.

Infant Toddler Programme – Aged 15 to 17 months

This Programme is offered to infant/ toddler aged 2 months to 17 months at both of our Camelot International Infant Care and Camelot Infant Preschool centres.

Our toddler programme focuses on the nature of the little ones: curious, active, and inquisitive. They often enthusiastically use their five senses to actively explore the world around them. Through various interactions with the warm and responsive environment and relationships with the caregivers and peers, our programme provides learning experiences through different forms of play and exploration. We help toddlers progress and achieve competencies in these areas:Camelot: infant-care-programme

Cognitive and Brain Development

Engages in pretend play, shows awareness of different objects, people, and colours in the environment.

Self and Social Development

Develops positive attitudes and confidence with adults as well as among peers. Displays social behaviour and is capable of expressing oneself with others.

Sensory and Psychomotor Development

Shows keen awareness and demonstrative use of senses. The toddler is able to walk independently, uses small muscles and simple coordination of eye-hand movements to carry out tasks.

In addition, we also provide enriching expressive art and music experiences for toddlers to explore and create, in order to  encourage creativity in the early years.

PlayNursery Programme

PlayNursery is catered to 18 to 36 month old children, giving them the best fundamental skills needed to bring out their optimal potential that equips them with skills for life. Through a sound curriculum that makes learning fun and nurturing, learning is structured and integrated to develop life skills, correct attitude, and lays a solid foundation for academic achievements.pre-nursery

Life Skills

Purposely planned life skills activities pave the way for the development of independence and self-reliance in carrying out daily routine activities. These activities include lessons in care for self, care for the environment, grace, and courtesy. Our children learn to be more independent which leads to greater self-confidence and the ability to face new challenges. These activities also serve to enhance coordination and concentration, indirectly preparing your child for writing and reading.


Children are “sensorial explorers.” As such, sensorial activities tap into our children’s five senses of learning. These activities aim to assist your child in concentrating on the refinement of their intellectual senses through working with the sensorial materials. Your child is given the keys to classify things around them which is the first step to organising their intelligence. Knowledge gained through working with the sensorial materials served as a foundation for acquiring Mathematical concepts.

Language and Literacy

Language acquisition is established through laying a firm foundation in phonics. Our children learn the basic sounds of each letter of the alphabet. With the foundation, they will learn to encode and bring the words together as a whole before they decode them in reading.

Camelot PlayNursery


Our children learn numbers up to ten as well as associating quality to quantities. Learning is very much hands-on (concrete experiences) to provide your child with sensorial impressions of the mathematical concepts.

Discovery of the world

Discovery of the world is conducted through our quarterly themes, for example, ‘Creepy Crawlies’, ‘My Community’, and ‘Transportation’. These activities lead our children to experience music, stories, and artwork. They develop an awareness and appreciation of the world around them.

Supported by our team of dedicated teachers, our children’s interest and natural quest for knowledge are promoted, leading to problem-solving skills, self-discovery and a love for learning.