The Importance of Playtime for Babies and Toddlers

Playtime for Babies and Toddlers

Playtime is important for all babies and toddlers. It is fun yet critical to their development. In the eyes of the little ones, play is work and it is their way of learning about the world around them.

When playing, babies and toddlers get to try out new skills and practice skills they already acquired. It encourages imagination, enhances their creativity, and teaches them how to relate with others.

Babies and children who start school at a young age develop better social skills. A school setting allows more opportunities for parallel play, which is a learning experience that is essential for social development. Such companionable side-by-side play is a good precursor to collaborative play in their preschool years. Parallel play opens a baby’s mind to new possibilities for play and helps them to learn new words, too.


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