Camelot Infant Preschool Coming Soon!

infant preschool coming soon

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to share with you that we have a new centre, Camelot Infant Preschool @ 45A Carmichael Road, opening soon.  We expect this centre will be ready for registration in March/April 2021. 

Children at this centre will enjoy Camelot’s high quality care and specially curated education for infants aged 2 to 17 months old and pre-schoolers from 18 months till they are ready for primary school at the age of 7 years.

Blessed with over 4000 square feet of indoor and outdoor learning space plus a N Park playground opposite the school, we will provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to engage children in classroom as well as through outdoor learning.

Our programme will be a blend of Thematic and Montessori to allow children to experience the breadth and depth that the two pedagogies provide.  Through our programme our highly trained teachers will help to guide the children to build their cognitive, social, emotional and locomotive skills as well as their confidence and independence.

All daily activities in our Thematic curriculum will integrate developmental areas to make learning holistic. These fun hands on activities will encourage  children to explore with their five senses. Through cooperative and collaborative play our children will experience authentic learning.

Children will be drawn to the beautifully crafted Montessori materials specially curated for their exploration of Practical life, Sensorial, Literary and Numeracy. Using these self-correcting materials, every child will develop internal discipline and understand concepts at his/her own pace and space.

Contact us to discuss about your child đŸ§’ and we will be happy to arrange for a tour of the Centre.


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