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7 Essential Tips to Prevent Diaper Rash in Babies

As a parent, you always strive to maintain the softness of your baby’s skin. But diaper rash often comes across as a challenge for you. There is a lot of research and advancement going on into its design and raw material to be used in manufacturing diapers. Most of these efforts are towards minimising skin irritation and diaper rash in babies. But still, 20%

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Camelot Infant Preschool Coming Soon!

Dear Parents, We are very excited to share with you that we have a new centre, Camelot Infant Preschool @ 45A Carmichael Road, opening soon.  We expect this centre will be ready for registration in March/April 2021.  Children at this centre will enjoy Camelot’s high quality care and specially curated education for infants aged 2 to 17 months old and pre-schoolers from 18 months

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3 Key Tips to Balance Work Life & Role of a Mother

Having a baby is one of the significant moments in a woman’s life.  As the maternity leave comes to an end you may feel conflicted.  Returning to work may be by choice or out of necessity but leaving your precious child in someone else’s care keeps you wondering if you are doing justice to motherhood.  Women who have successfully managed to have taken on

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Singapore National Day Celebration at Camelot Infant

National Day spirits were in the air as we celebrated Singapore’s 55th birthday on 7th August. It was also a day where our children came together to celebrate racial harmony; a day to love and appreciate the multiracial society we live in today. This was the first of National Day Celebration for many of our infants. It was a day to remember, full of

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Infant Care at Its Finest

Research has shown that the period from birth to age three is critical to a child’s development and future success. Therefore, it is important that the child is nurtured in an environment that facilitates positive early life experiences. At Camelot Infant Care, we partner with parents in their child’s learning journey. We are committed to facilitate beautiful childhood memories that become the foundation of

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